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Error Omissions
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Error Omissions
Error Omissions

What is insurance?

Insurance basically involves an insurance company providing compensation to individuals or businesses (insureds or policyholders) in the event of loss, damage, illness or death as specified in a contract in return for premium payments. Insurance falls under the category of Property/Casualty, which provides protection for property damage and liability (such as Auto, Homeowners, Business, for example); and Life, Health and Disability, which provides protection to individuals or businesses and their loved ones, business partners, or employees in the event of death, illness, or disability.

The type of insurance, the amount, deductibles, and co-pays depends on the value of your (personal or business) property, valuables, assets, and exposures to risk and how much loss you or your can absorb personally or from a company standpoint. These critical issues should be discussed with an independent agent to determine the best program for you or your business. We will be happy to discuss your personal needs.

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