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Employment Practices

Employment PracticesIf you’re a business owner, your chances are better than ever that you will eventually be sued at least once by an employee. It can happen at any time—even when you’re interviewing new candidates or escorting a former one out the door.

Your best protection lies with employment practices liability coverage. It provides you with a blanket of coverage against claims by employees (present, former or potential). This policy can cover you against wrongful termination, breach of contract, disciplinary issues, sexual harassment, failure to promote, and much more.

It’s protection you need, at a cost variable according to your size and other risk factors. The policy covers your legal consul and court costs whether you win or lose.

Check out our competitive rates on employment practices liability.

Call or email us—better yet, fill out the form above—and we’ll show you just how affordable our employment practices liability policies are. Our agents are ready to go to work for you. Contact us now. (877) 787-5258