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Error Omissions
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Error Omissions
Error Omissions

Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals Errors and OmissionsErrors and Omissions Insurance for Real Estate Professionals.
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If you’re a real estate professional, Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance can help protect you from claims relating to an error or omission that may have occurred when you were providing professional services. In some cases, this can lead to a lawsuit, and that’s why E&O is so important.

Why Real Estate Professionals need Errors and Omissions Insurance.

These suits can result from a sale, lease or property management service as well as tenant representation, consulting or other ancillary services such as appraisals, receivership services, short-term escrow and mortgage brokering. An error or omission can occur on almost any transaction, and even the most careful real estate agents can be sued.

We’re the Errors and Omissions Insurance experts for Real Estate Professionals.

At Axis, Errors and Omissions Insurance has been a specialty of ours for years. We’ve developed custom-tailored insurance programs to help protect Real Estate professionals from the liability associated with lawsuits for such errors, mistakes or omissions.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers:

Commercial agents and brokers especially find our E&O services helpful. We insure hundreds of commercial real estate agents and have a unique perspective on our client’s risk. We can help balance operational risk with costs of insuring that risk. Our E&O programs balance your appetite for risk and risk management, and address the issues most important to you.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Residential Real Estate Agents and Brokers:

If your agency specializes in residential, you also have a need for E&O, and we have programs that address your specific needs. Our residential real estate are facing increased E&O risk as homes are foreclosed. This creates additional liability, but also many new and exciting opportunities as our residential real estate agents provide additional services.

Get the Errors and Omissions protection you need. Contact us today.

If you’re a real estate professional, serving residential or commercial markets, we invite you to sit down with our highly trained agents to assess your current and future exposure. Call or email us, or fill out the form on this page. Do it now…and get the protection you truly need.