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Error Omissions
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Error Omissions
Error Omissions


Appraisers Errors and Omissions InsuranceAs an appraiser, nothing can ruin your day—or possibly your year—more than to have a disgruntled client who finds fault with your professional services and launches a lawsuit against you.

At Axis Insurance, our errors and omissions plans can protect you against the legal costs of defending such lawsuits, whether they have merit or not. Many such suits, in fact, are dropped before even getting to a court. But you’re still left hanging for the attorney fees up to that point.

Our E&O plans are customized to your specific business, and focus on your professional risks so you’re protected in the event of a suit. Nationwide, we’re known as one of the E&O leaders, which is why so many appraisers turn to us for our services.

Protect yourself and your business.

For more information on how our customized plans can protect your business and your financial future, call or email us, or submit the convenient form on this page. We’ll get back to you promptly and without delay.