Error Omissions
Error Omissions
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Error Omissions
Error Omissions

IT Consultants

proefessionAs an Internet Technology Consultant, you’re already familiar with the kinds of risks that accompany your services. Every time you perform a service for a client, you know that the slightest error—or even the perception of an error—can result in an expensive lawsuit. So how do you cover yourself and your business from such exposure.

The answer is a well-designed Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance Plan from Axis Insurance Services. We work with many IT Consultants across the country to insure them against E&O exposure. In case of a suit, this coverage can provide for defense and indemnity of claims covered by the policy, as well as any costs you incur defending such allegations of negligence.

It’s IT Consultants E & O coverage you need right now.

Our E&O insurance policies address your specific risks as an IT Consultant. They provide coverages that other policies do not, including:

  • Coverage for Independent Contractors
  • Coverage for Overseas Contracted Support
  • Breach of Privacy and Security Issues
  • Cyber Hostage
  • First-Party Coverage for unauthorized dissemination of confidential information such as credit monitoring and notification
  • Copyright/Trademark Infringement

All at very affordable rates. Call now.

Don’t wait another minute to cover yourself and your business against the dangers of errors and omissions suits. Call or email us, or submit the convenient form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.