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Medical Practices

Comprehensive Medical Malpractice: Critical in Today’s Healthcare Environment

proefessionToday’s regulatory landscape and legislation, including HIPAA, the HI-TECH Act, and the Affordable Health Care Act, coupled with a litigious environment, has made working in a medical profession more risky than ever before. As a physician or surgeon, you require comprehensive management and professional liability insurance coverage which protects against the various exposures you face – from errors and omissions to patient privacy issues, compliance and more.

The healthcare environment has become complicated for physicians and surgeons. A recent study shows that on average during the lifetime of a physician’s career, he or she will spend what equals to four hours a week involved in some type of medical malpractice litigation.

The total amount of malpractice payouts in 2011 was about $3.7 billion*. In fact, seven states registered the largest-ever medical malpractice damage awards, with the cost and frequency of medical professional liability super losses (those greater than $50 million) increasing.

The bottom line: Physicians/Surgeons Medical Malpractice insurance from Axis Insurance Services, LLC is critical to any practice.

Specialized Medical Practices E & O Coverage for Your Specialty, Practice

We work with physicians and surgeons all over the country, helping them protect themselves and their practice against risk. We have the depth and breadth of experience to build an insurance solution that fits your individual practice. We understand that as a physician or surgeon your specialty is an important factor in the type of coverage you require based on the treatments and services you provide.

For instance, a gastroenterologist’s exposures, is different from an allergist’s and your professional liability insurance policy should reflect these differences.

The makeup of your medical practice will also affect the type of policy you need to properly cover you and your staff. We can provide you with coverage that includes an extended reporting period feature, which will provide future protection, even after you retire.

Our team of experts is knowledgeable of the privacy and network security exposures your practice may encounter. We are prepared to learn more about your business so we can help build the best malpractice protection that will meet your needs.

As an independent broker, we work with several top-rated insurance carriers which specialize in professional liability for physicians and surgeons, providing us with best-in-class coverage features, enhancements, and pricing.

Protect Yourself, Your Practice. Contact Axis Insurance Services Today.

Our experts can help customize a program tailored to your practice and your particular specialties. For more information, contact us now.

* National Practitioner Data Bank