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“Matt has done a tremendous job on this with a very short time to work – he has really hustled for this account. We appreciate it. That is the reason your team won the business and our previous agency lost it. Great service. We look forward to working with you.”

Sara Rutland

Shoreline Aviation Services, LLC

“There are few companies that you can truly say you believe in – Axis Insurance Services is certainly one of them. Axis understands that in an uncertain real estate economy, having certainty with regard to your coverage is critical. They provide an unparalleled level of service with a team of seasoned professionals who can adeptly anticipate the specific risks your brokerage might face and provide you with the right insurance coverage solutions.”

Brad Roppe, Former President

Lee & Associates (North San Diego County)

“I have been writing Auto Insurance for 20 years, so I really do not understand E&O insurance and don’t handle that type of insurance in my office. I used Brown and Brown in California prior to Axis and didn’t have such a great experience.

I am so glad I turned to Axis! Javier is such an asset to your company. He answered all my questions, e-mailed me the proper forms and shopped a variety of markets. I felt like he was my personal attendant, there to help me solve my problems. He explained why my E&O policy should be written the way it was and asked me the questions that would help me make a great decision.

I have to say that I really trust your company and the decisions that your associates make on the customer’s behalf. Thank you once again for having such a professional organization.”

Bonnie J. Zirkle

Anchor Insurance Agency, Inc.

“I have been working with Axis Insurance Services for 3 years now. I had never dealt with them before, but the cost of our Agency’s E&O Insurance was getting so out of hand, I felt I had nothing to lose.

Tom Barrett turned out to be one of the most knowledgeable people I had ever spoken to regarding Agency E&O. He has access to many different markets that offer the coverage and has a good grasp on all of their specific forms, conditions and exclusions.

Tom just finished placing our insurance for the third year. He scoured the market for us and gave us several different options. He thoroughly explained each market’s offering and we ultimately bound the best coverage that was available to our agency.”

Mary J. Unkel, Vice President, Commercial Services

AC Edwards

“If consistency, comprehensive results, full disclosure, educated counsel and guidance with clarity are important you, Mike Smith is more than worthy of his hire. He works hard for his clients, his industry and his family. I am not sure that it gets better than that. Thank you Mike for being an asset to our industry and the world.”

David Blanchard, EVP

NAI Global

“After a long-standing relationship with a prior insurance agent, we decided to give Mike Smith an opportunity to quote our insurance. He had requested for a couple of years to quote our policy and educate us on our coverage. We were completely surprised at how much of a savings Mike obtained for us, while increasing our coverage and educating us in what our coverage contained.

We have continued to renew with Axis Insurance every year, not only because of the cost savings, but the great service we receive. Whether it’s a Saturday morning with a potential claim question, or into the evening, Mike is always available to help out and has provided invaluable direction on a number of occasions.

Completing the annual application for renewal is as streamlined as possible with Axis. They are out to the market in ample time prior to the policy expiration to give us a choice on the renewal options. Further, they are willing to negotiate on our behalf for the best terms on our policy.

I highly recommend Mike Smith and Axis Insurance Services to anyone that wants to save money, receive better coverage and have a great agent advocate.”

Lori Jensen, VP/COO

Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. (Riverside)

“I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Mike Smith and Axis for several years now. Mike and his team are knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. I have looked to Mike for his expertise on many occasions and he has become a “valuable team member. I would recommend him and Axis to anyone searching for top of class insurance services.”

Andy Gutman, CEO

NAI Farbman

“Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. – Riverside would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your superior job of securing our E&O insurance for the past two years. Previous to being with Axis Insurance, we had become just another renewal year to our previous agent, without the benefit of looking at the market for our best coverage each year.

Your thorough evaluation of our existing policy was an eye-opener. You took the time to educate us about our coverage and lack of coverage. There were many areas we weren’t familiar with and had been satisfied just knowing we had some type of coverage, not realizing how exposed we were.

But to make matters even better, you substantially reduced our premium and increased our coverage. And, very happily we discovered this year, our application process was simplified since it was our second year of renewal with you.

Mike, we appreciate your professionalism and highly recommend that anyone who is renewing their E&O insurance take advantage of your generous offer to evaluate their existing policy. They, too, will be most pleased with the result.”

Alfred Fabiano, Former President

Lee & Associates Inc. (Riverside)

“Our firm has been doing business with Mike Smith of Axis Management Group, LLC since 2002.

As an affiliate of NAI Global our office was required to have a Professional Liability Insurance policy in place as part of our Service Agreement. Axis Management Group was recommended as a company that was knowledgeable of the requirements of our industry and one that came highly recommended by a number of the other NAI office.

Since contacting Mike in 2002 we have never regretted our choice. He is always very professional and detail oriented. He explains all the aspects of the insurance policies to us, which can be very confusing, yet he is able to communicate on a level we all understand. His knowledge of how commercial real estate offices operate across the United States and the laws governing them has been a big plus to our firm.

When we did have to file a claim, he walked us through the steps and explained each one as well as coordinating with the law offices that were representing us. After the claim was settled he made sure we had procedures in place to avoid having the same thing happen again. This showed us he had a genuine concern for his clients.

Our firm greatly appreciates Mike and the Axis Management Group and would have no problem in recommending him to anyone looking for an Insurance Company to assist them with their needs.”

Margo A. Cantrell, Office Manager/Business Director

NAI Global

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the personal service and concern you have shown in taking care of our E & O Insurance. Working with you has been an effortless task and your research has helped us save quite of bit of money on premiums, too. That is greatly appreciated by all the Partners as well. Men of integrity and professionalism are few but you are definitely one of them.

Thanks again for all your help and guidance in interpreting what is normally a morass of insurance-speak. You made our coverage perfectly clear.”

Ralph G. Dearden, Property Management Division

NAI Rauch, Weaver, Norfleet, Kurtz & Co.

“Our office has worked with Mike Smith and his team for several years now to obtain E&O insurance. In our experience, we have found Mike to be the most knowledgeable in his field. He takes us yearly through the application process, which includes completing the application in a most thorough manner, dotting the “I’s” and crossing all of the “T’s” so that the underwriter gets a totally accurate picture of our company. In the addition to assisting us with that, he can answer any question posed to him, or find out the answer in a timely manner. Recently, we expanded our coverage with Mike to include D&O insurance and that has also been an easy process.

Mike consistently finds us the best coverage for the best costs, and makes the process relatively painless. He is always on call.”

Faye Mertz, CFO

NAI Mertz Corporation

“I wanted to thank you and Tom again for your and Axis’ assistance in obtaining new errors and omissions coverage for our firm.

When we came up to our E&O renewal in early December and found out what our renewal premium would be with our prior carrier, I pulled up an e-mail I had received from one of our partners, who had met Axis at the SIOR Fall Conference in Chicago.

When I contacted you on such a short renewal timeline (under a week), you turned around a proposal for us in just a couple of days, based on our renewal application with our prior carrier. For superior coverage, we were able to save approximately $15,000 on our annual premium and were able to bind the coverage in record time.

Thank you again for your great customer service, and I will continue to recommend your services to our fellow Colliers firms.”

Caroline Freeman, CFO

Colliers International

“Thanks very much for all your hard work on this account. Axis is very good at what you do, and you certainly proved that again with your quick response on this account. I have always recommended you to the people that are the most important to me…our own company.   You always come through!!”

Richard D. Cooper, President

NP Dodge Insurance

“I have worked with Mike Smith and Axis Insurance Services for over 10 years.  We appreciate his knowledge of the commercial real estate industry and the service he is able to provide to our company. In addition to our insurance broker he has been a frequent speaker and exhibitor for the Property Management Council and we highly recommend his services.”

Ira Krumholz, CPM

President, BPS Mgmt., Inc
NAI Daus
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